· By Will Harken

Lyric Swapping 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift For Yvonne's Graduation Video

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Ever found yourself stuck with lyrics that just don’t fit the rhythm? Yvonne did. She had this amazing graduation video but needed a lyric swap to make it perfect.


Yvonne reached out to Will at Music Made Pro to help with her project. Here’s what she had to say about working with them:

"Will and his team are absolutely amazing, responsive, professional, fast, and nice! Thank you for accommodating my requests for edits. I swapped out the lyrics for a graduation video and am just thrilled with Music Made Pro ~ they saved me hours and hours of effort!"


Yvonne had specific changes she wanted for her song. The communication went back and forth several times—sometimes the rhythm wasn’t right, or a word wasn’t pronounced correctly. The team at Music Made Pro was there to make it perfect.


Here’s a snippet from their email exchange:

Yvonne: "Hi Will, Mostly I wasn't sure about the rhythm of some of the swapped out lyrics, and am open to having you edit them. Also, I don't know if we all the 'theys' in the Outro and choruses, if that makes sense. If it's easier to hop on a call, I'm available 10-12 pm or 4:30-5 pm PST on Wednesday.”

Will: "Hi Yvonne, If there are small edits to improve flow, we can make those! I can also trim the ending to make it a bit shorter - I think that's a good idea assuming we can make it sound natural. If you need any adjustments after we send your song, we can do revisions for you.”

And so it went—messages exchanged, lyrics adjusted, and finally, the perfect graduation video was ready.


When Yvonne finally heard her song, she was thrilled. She appreciated the patience and attention to detail Will's team had put into her project. She even offered to provide testimonials—now that's customer satisfaction! 🎓🎉


If you have a custom music project, don’t hesitate to reach out to Music Made Pro. Their team will ensure your vision comes to life. Want to hear some of our latest lyric swap examples? Check them out here.