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Music Made Pro is the 1st in a huge movement -
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Will and his team are absolutely amazing, responsive, professional, fast, and nice! Thank you for accommodating my requests for edits. I swapped out the lyrics for a graduation video and am just thrilled with Music Made Pro ~ they saved me hours and hours of effort!

- Yvonne

There are many reasons you may want a custom song. And if you want a professional, stress-free experience, Will is your guy. He’ll go above and beyond to make sure your song is perfect. He made sure my song was perfect and that I was perfectly satisfied. In a world where customer service is nonexistent, you’ll have an amazing experience with Will.

- Tanner J.

Definitely an amazing and fun creative process, and the resulting track was mind-blowing. I'm sure AI has limits, but it really does seem like magic.

- Jerrod K.

The new dance track sounds amazing... You are a genius!

- CAN A.

Rated 5/5 Across All Platforms As Of Feb 2024


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✔️Our 5-star reviews say TOTALLY!

Music WAS expensive.
Now you can craft your song for a fraction of the cost.

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Our original songs come with free revisions.
So if you want to make some tweaks to your song once you hear it, you can revise, and tweak your lyrics at no extra cost.

Rated 5/5 Across All Platforms As Of Feb 2024


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