· By Will Harken

Transforming 'Jack and Diane' by John Mellencamp into 'Jack and Frankie': A Nostalgic Family Tune

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Meet Chris S., a dedicated music enthusiast with a passion for creative twists. Recently, Chris had an idea to transform the classic "Jack And Diane" by John Mellencamp into something more personal. That's where we at Music Made Pro came in.

Chris wanted to change the lyrics to tell a story about two Australian twins, Jack and Frankie. Our team quickly got to work. We modified the lyrics to reflect Chris’s vision, turning “Jack and Diane” into a nostalgic, heartfelt tune about family and growing up. The new version was aptly titled "Little Ditty about Jack and Frankie."

The new lyrics went something like this:

Little ditty about Jack and Frankie
Two Australian twins growin' up on the island
Jackie gonna be a shining star; Frankie, that boy’s gonna drive a real fast car
Suckin' on a milk bottle, staring at the trees; Frankie’s sittin' on Jackie's back, he's got his hands round his knees
Jackie say, hey, Frankie, please get off so we can go to bed
Mum can read those night-time books; let me do what I please
Say ah, oh yeah, we love mom; it's been that way, ever since day one
They crawl on, Jackie sits back, plays with his toys for a moment, scratches his head and surveys the scene
Well you know, Frankie, we oughta crawl to the kitchen
Frankie says, baby, you ain't missin' nuth-in
Jackie, say-a, oh yeah, we love mom; it's been that way, ever since day one
Gonna let it rock, let it roll, let the au pair come and save my soul
Holdin' on to these years as long as you can; changes come around real soon, make us boys into men
Oh yeah, we love mom; it's been that way, ever since day one
Little ditty about Jack and Frankie; two Australian twins doin' the best they can.

In just a few days, the new version was ready. 🚀 We sent the file over to Chris, and his reaction was nothing short of enthusiastic.

"Amazing!! Thanks so much. I love it :) Such a quick service too. Much appreciated" — Chris S.

It's stories like these that make what we do at Music Made Pro so rewarding. Helping you craft personal music stories with our lyric swap service brings these beautiful moments to life.

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