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· By Will Harken

5 Tips For Writing Lyrics that Resonate

You're here for lyrics that stick. Ones that grab attention and make a connection. Ready? We're turning you into a lyrical genius. Start with these 5 tips:

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1. Know Your Tribe

Know who you’re talking to.

Writing lyrics is like chatting with your listeners. For lyrics that hit home, understand their thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

Connect your lyrics to their reality, and you'll build a strong bond.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Observe, engage, and research your listeners on social media like Facebook, TikTok, or Reddit. What interests them? What's important to them? What language do they use? Don’t have listeners yet? Study the audience of someone in your music niche.

2. Give Them the Real You

Authenticity is key. Hearts connect with raw emotions and real stories. Your lyrics should mirror your soul. When you're real, others see themselves in your words.

In a sea of generic lyrics, stand out by being genuine.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Reflect on your life, thoughts, and feelings. Write them down honestly. These truths are your lyrical gold.

3. Paint a Picture

Lyrics should be vivid, not bland. Use metaphors, imagery, and descriptive language that touch the senses. Instead of saying "I'm sad," describe "grey clouds hanging low" or "teardrops staining the lonely diary."

Great lyrics resonate because they relate to tangible things.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Turn your thoughts into sensory-rich language. Describe scenes and feelings using colorful, vivid words. "Show" your ideas rather than just "tell" them.

4. Keep It Simple, Make It Profound

Simplicity often holds deep truths. Using common words doesn’t mean your lyrics are basic. It means they’re understood, felt, and loved.

Tools like EasyWrite help by filtering your lyrics down to the 2,000 most common words. But remember to step outside the box for vivid imagery when needed.


HOW TO GET STARTED: Use EasyWrite. It helps you focus on common words for maximum relatability. Don’t forget to use vibrant imagery too.

5. Using AI to Kickstart Your Lyrics

Got the basics, but words aren’t flowing? Enter ChatGPT, your AI lyricist. Give it your core ideas, and watch it turn them into a song. It’s like having a co-writer always ready to jam.

Writer's block is rough. That’s where ChatGPT comes in. Feed it different styles or themes, and let it spark unique lines.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Try ChatGPT. Give it a few lines or a theme and see what it creates. Adjust the lyrics to fit your song’s vibe.

What’s next?

Now you have tips to write lyrics that resonate. Remember, crafting meaningful lyrics is a journey. Be kind to yourself and keep experimenting. If these tips help, drop me an email! I'd love to hear how you're crafting heart-touching lyrics.

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