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How To Change Song Lyrics With AI

Ever thought about tweaking song lyrics to make them uniquely yours? Maybe you're gearing up for a special occasion or just having fun with memes. Either way, you've found the right guide!

If you need a quick fix for swapping lyrics, I offer a budget-friendly human + AI service. Craft your ideal song here.

Not a fan of reading? Check out this quick video:

Step 1: Writing New Lyrics

First, we’ll need to rewrite the lyrics to fit the original song's rhythm and rhyme.

AI can be a huge help here. Using a tool like ChatGPT, you can kickstart this process. Feed in the original lyrics and tell the AI what you'd like to change. Here's my go-to prompt:

Please modify the lyrics below to make a new song.
IMPORTANT: Make sure your new lyrics match the original song's rhyme scheme and syllable count.
The final song should incorporate the following themes, emotions, and ideas: [Insert theme/emotions/lyrics here] Here are the original song lyrics: [Insert original song lyrics here]

The AI will handle the heavy lifting, rewriting the lyrics but keeping the structure intact. It’s simpler than you'd think, thanks to AI power.

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ChatGPT Lyric Rewrite

Step 2: Recreating the Song

Next, we need to reproduce the song, making it sound like the original singer is performing your new lyrics. This involves a few key steps:

  • Creating New Vocals: You can hire a singer or use a synthesizer like Synthesizerv.
  • Voice Cloning: Tools like Voicify can clone the original singer’s voice using data. You can also do this locally with some coding skills and a good GPU.
  • Mixing: Combine the new vocals with the track using software like Reaper or Ableton. You might also consider AI tools like iZotope Plugins.
  • Looking for AI plugins? Explore Plugin Boutique.

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Making It Easy for You

I get it, this process can be daunting. But don't worry, I'm here to help! With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and glowing reviews, we'll ensure your song is exactly how you want it. Get started here.

Whether you're a music pro or just trying it out, AI tools can help make something truly special. Why not give it a shot? Change up the lyrics to a favorite song, or create something that speaks to your personal story. The sky’s the limit!

Want to swap lyrics on your own? Join the waitlist for my AI Vocal Engineering Series here.


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