Review: Songfinch's Instant Song Generator

· By Will Harken

Review: Songfinch's Instant Song Generator

Everyone loves a unique gift nowadays. This trend has led to cool services like Songfinch's Instant Song Generator. As someone who's delved into AI and music for the past four years, I get the need for the "MaKE mE eaSY GoOd mUSic" button.

Songfinch's new offering caught my eye when I got an invite via email. It's an instant song generator based on a series of questions. Important to note, it's in a testing phase and isn't public yet on their site.

Here’s the short video version if reading isn't your thing...

The Experience

So, you pay $49, answer 11 questions, and boom, a sort-of-unique song gets generated. I tried songs in acoustic pop, indie rock, and country genres.

It’s fascinating and shows our craving for quick, custom music...

But it’s not flawless. One of my songs had lyrics cut off early—imagine giving that as a gift and not noticing!

Songfinch's Instant Song Generator

Still, the idea behind Songfinch is pretty cool. It makes personalized music accessible, even if you aren’t a musician.

However, balancing automation and a personal touch is tricky. Songfinch is still figuring it out.

It feels like an “instant ai song generator” but more like, which creates song parts and stitches them together. Not exactly AI.

The Verdict

Songfinch offers a quick, semi-personalized gift for $49.

Biggest flaw? No genre preference. Maybe their library isn’t large enough yet.

The idea's fun, but not everyone will love it. It’s a bit like horoscopes—vague enough to please some, but definitely not all.

How good it is depends on who you’re giving it to. Picture their reaction. For some, it’s a thoughtful gift. Others? It might seem cheap and generic.

My girlfriend, for instance, would hate it since I'm a musician and could write a song myself.

Vague Horoscopes

A Better Alternative?

For deeper customization and quality, consider other options. Songfinch offers custom songs for $199 if you want a human touch.

My song creation service also lets you fully personalize your gift, and it starts cheaper than Songfinch.

Want to delve into music production yourself? There are plenty of resources:

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Final Thoughts

Songfinch's Instant Song Generator offers a sneak peek into the future of music gifts.

While lacking deep customization and quality for some, it’s a step forward.

For a more personalized music gift, try our lybathrisic swaps and custom songs. They bridge the gap between convenience and craftsmanship. And it's only a bit more $.

People want personalized content. The challenge? Replicating the human touch that makes music personal and moving.


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