Join My AI Vocal Engineering Series


Do you love music? Do you love money?

I have discovered a surprising AI-proof opportunity in the music industry that can pay up to 100 dollars per hour right now.

And that opportunity is AI vocal engineering.

I'm talking about the ability to use any voice in content creation.

AI Vocal Engineering is more than just a skill; it's an art form that continues to evolve. Much like learning to play the guitar, practice makes perfect. Despite the common misconception of AI as a shortcut to success, mastering AI vocal engineering requires creativity, technical skill, and dedication.

That's why I've developed the AI Vocal Engineering Series, a dynamic, regularly updated course designed to keep you at the forefront of AI vocal technology. How you use this knowledge is up to you. Whether it's using AI vocals for your own art, or tapping into a multi-million dollar industry that doesn't really exist yet.

I'm Will — My journey started over 15 years ago, when I started playing guitar in my parent's trailer to pass the time. I also dabbled with computer game programming and went on to study Economics in college. And then I took the crazy step and merged all of those things together. That's when Music Made Pro was born. A place where art meets science.

Now, delivering top-notch AI vocals is what I do full-time, earning accolades from clients worldwide, including recognition from leading researchers at Google.

I've decided to share my knowledge widely, because there is a limit to how much content I can create myself. This course is tailored for both 1) DIY content creators who wish to produce music affordably and 2) audio professionals looking to enhance their offerings in a competitive market. It's for anyone interested in a high-value, future-proof career in music.

This comprehensive course isn't just about vocal production or coding (though we'll cover those bases, with and without coding options). It's about empowering you with the knowledge and tools to innovate and excel. Should challenges arise, I'm here to support you through office hours and direct access for pressing questions.

Dive into modules like 'The Secret Sauce: Editing and Mixing Strategies', 'Lyric Swap Monetization and the Million Dollar Challenge', and 'Getting Creative With AI Vocals'. These lessons are designed to refine your skills, whether your goal is to profit or purely to create.

Now, why invest in this course when you could find a lot of the information floating around on the internet? Because I've distilled hundreds of hours of research and experimentation into a concise, impactful learning experience.

This an ongoing piece of educational content that I've made with my heart and soul. And the price is the price.

If you're looking for a sign to take the next step in your career, this is it. Join us in the AI Vocal Engineering Series and unlock a new skill tree of opportunity. Simply add your contact information at the top of this page!