· By Will Harken

Changing Falco's "Amadeus" to "I'm A Dentist"

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Jim reached out to us with a rather unique request. He wanted to swap the word "Amadeus" in Falco's iconic song with the words "I'm a dentist" throughout the entire song.

Our Response: This idea made me laugh out loud - good one! I assured Jim that it could be done and recommended our 2-minute lyric change package. Jim was thrilled and placed his order right away.

The Delivery: After a quick turnaround, I delivered the first version of "I'm A Dentist" to Jim. He loved it!

Jim then wondered if we could replace some German verses with his dental-based English lyrics. He asked, "would it be possible to do this?"

My Solution: I confirmed it was possible and provided a quote. Jim was on board and started working on his lyrics.

The Final Touch: Jim sent over his newly crafted dental lyrics and ordered another minute of work. A few days later, the next version of "I'm A Dentist" was ready.

Jim replied, "It's perfect, Will! Thank you!"

This project turned out to be a great success. Jim transformed his quirky idea into a masterpiece. Now, he has a custom version of "Amadeus" that brings a smile to his face – and perhaps even his patients'!

Here's Jim's final review:

I had an idea to replace some lyrics in an old song from the 80's. Will was able to do what I had imagined and change the lyrics with the same vocal tones and style of the original, so it sounded like the original artist was singing my lyrics. He was very responsive and quick to do the work. Definitely would recommend him.  - Jim T. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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