· By Will Harken

Wedding Lyric Swap for 'September' by Earth, Wind & Fire

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Tanner and Sarah were tying the knot in Santa Barbara, on the magical night of September 21st. Naturally, Tanner wanted to make it unforgettable ❤️.

Cue Will from Music Made Pro! Tanner reached out, asking for a special lyric swap for Earth, Wind & Fire's September. It was meant for a wedding surprise. Here's the lyric swap that was requested:

"Do you remember the 21st night of September? Sarah and Tanner got married while becoming the Jameses today. Our hearts were ringin’ in Santa Barbara as we were singin’."

After some feedback, tweaking, and a few exchanged emails, Will delivered the magic. Tanner responded, "Damn, Will. You’re pretty talented. Great job 💪."

Further refinements were made, addressing Tanner’s concerns about the vocals. Will's dedication paid off. Tanner was thrilled, "Thank you so much, as you’re going to make a special bride and a whole wedding very, very surprised when they hear this :)".

The final product? Spot on. Tanner said "Damn that’s perfect! Thank you so much! I’ll send you a video of us playing it at the wedding 🙏."

And the cherry on top? A glowing 5-star review from Tanner himself:

"There are many reasons you may want a custom song. And if you want a professional, stress-free experience, Will is your guy. He’ll go above and beyond to make sure your song is perfect. He made sure my song was perfect and that I was perfectly satisfied. In a world where customer service is nonexistent, you’ll have an amazing experience with Will."

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