· By Will Harken

Changing The Lyrics of "Bootylicious" from Destiny's Child

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A first-time client, Hicxell, needed us to tweak the chorus of Destiny’s Child’s "Bootylicious" for the big school event, “iReady”. And they needed it fast—within 48 hours, to be exact, for a school event on Monday morning. No pressure, right?

I jumped right in. Not only did my team meet the tight deadline, but we also got it to them early Sunday, well before their Monday cutoff.

They were thrilled with the result, and even promised to spread the word among friends and coworkers. It was a great reminder of why we love doing what we do.

If you’ve got a song in mind that needs a personal twist, why not start your song today right here?

Here's what the client had to say:

So I'm a school teacher. I needed a song to kick off this campaign for the students. They're doing a test called I ready, and we have to get them excited. And it's going to be this big contest where they win a free dress day. And I just needed some music to pump it up. Pump them up. And this was exactly the service I was looking for. Will took the destiny's child and did it in one day for me, changing the lyrics to I ready, so I don't know how to do it myself. He did it right away, and it's awesome. We played it on the loudspeaker. My principal loved it. Great service, highly recommend. And he gets it done really quick. So thanks a lot.. -Hicxell