· By Will Harken

Changing "Chicken Fried" Lyrics to "Family Time"

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Ali swung by Music Made Pro with a heartwarming project in mind: customizing the lyrics to "Chicken Fried" for a personal touch, and pairing it with a lyric video to gift her family.

Right off the bat, I dove into editing the lyrics, ensuring every word resonated with Ali's vision.

Ali's request replaced many lyrics, so we had to use a combination of human singing, AI engineering, and mixing to get the song right.

Artificial intelligence is a huge help, but it can't replicate Zac Brown's voice by itself!

Next up, the lyric video — Ali was keen on adding a visual element to her surprise, so we discussed incorporating personal photos to bring the lyrics to life. Ali eagerly provided a bunch of photos.

A few tweaks here and there. Ali's reaction? Pure joy and anticipation to share the masterpiece with her family. It’s these creative collaborations that really light up our work at Music Made Pro.

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