· By Will Harken

How Arthur Transformed ‘Hélène’ by Roch Voisine into a Birthday Hit

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When it was time to celebrate his friend’s 50th birthday, Arthur H. decided to pull off something unforgettable. He swapped the entire lyrics of “Hélène” by Roch Voisine, transforming it into a humorous tribute. 🎉

"I changed the entire lyrics of a song as a joke for a friend’s 50th birthday that we then performed live. So we had practised it and played it a few times already, and so I thought I knew how it should sound. So when I gave the song to Will, I was hoping he would do it justice. And so he did. The end result was simply AMAZING and much better than anything I could have hoped for."
— Arthur H., 5-star review

Knowing how he wanted it to sound, Arthur handed over the modified lyrics to Will at Music Made Pro. The expectations were high, and boy, did Will deliver! The transformed song had perfect lyrical accentuation and a metrical pattern, all in the original singer’s voice.

"This was much better than what I had tried!! Oh, and the song was in French... Merci Will!"
— Arthur H., Verified

Arthur was thrilled but noticed a tiny vocal alignment issue. Will promptly responded, ready to make those crucial tweaks. Just a few quick revisions later, the final version was perfect. Arthur couldn’t have been happier. 😍

"OMG WOW!!! Yes, this is crazy awesome!!! Merci beaucoup!!!"
— Arthur H.

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Arthur's story shows you don't need to be a pro to create something memorable. Sometimes, a little help from experts like Will is all you need to hit the right note.