· By Will Harken

Revamped ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations: A Birthday Surprise for Troy H.

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Music Made Pro | Success Story

At Music Made Pro, it's all about crafting magic through personalized music. One recent story from a happy dad, Troy H., showcases how a small touch can leave a big mark.

"This is perfect, thank you!! My Girl is my song with my daughter. My son has asked Alexa to play an edit like you've made 100 times. Her birthday is in May, so he thinks the song was made just for her. His is in June, obviously. This will be blasting at the house tonight for sure. Thank you again!" - Troy H.

Troy came to us with a unique request. He wanted to modify the classic "My Girl" by The Temptations to celebrate his son's birthday in June instead of his daughter's in May. The idea was simple yet profound. With a quick lyric swap, the song transformed, and so did the birthday celebrations at Troy’s house.

Personal touches like these turn ordinary moments into cherished memories. It’s what we do at Music Made Pro – and we love doing it! 🎶

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