· By Will Harken

Transforming Bee Gees' How Deep Is Your Love for Venture Capitalists

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When Christoph J. reached out to us at Music Made Pro, we were excited to dive into his project. He wanted a personalized lyric swap for the classic Bee Gees song, How Deep Is Your Love. The goal was to create a unique version that would resonate at a special event. Of course, we were up for the challenge!

Christoph sent us his initial idea, transforming the famous lyrics into a meaningful message for his venture capital community:

"You saw our light in the VC fog
It seems you liked our pretty risky plot
And the moment that Kathryn said it’s a yes
We found our anchor and ended the EIF mess."

Our team worked on refining it, adjusting the syllables and emphases for a perfect fit. Christoph was quick to provide feedback:

"Overall, this is very cool. However, there are a couple of issues, e.g., some words/syllables being audible, a few wrong emphases, etc. I will add comments to the respective words in the Google Doc… and in case it's easier, also happy to jump on a quick call."

We rolled up our sleeves, tackled his comments, and sent the revised version back. Christoph appreciated the collaboration and even shared additional feedback from a colleague:

"I think maybe they need to bring the verse vocal up slightly in the mix or maybe take a little reverb/compression off it for better clarity."

This personal touch made it all come together. After a few more tweaks, we nailed it. Christoph later shared:

"We've used the song at a small private event last week and it was awesome!"

This is what we love to hear 🥳. Want to check out our latest lyric swap examples? You can listen to them here.

If you’ve got a song in mind that needs a lyric makeover, don’t hesitate. Start your lyric swap here and make your next event unforgettable.