· By Will Harken

Personalized "Theme From 'Shaft'" by Isaac Hayes for Candace and Conrad

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Hey there! Imagine taking your favorite song and making it uniquely yours. That's what we did for Candace W. 📀

Candace wanted to swap some lyrics in the classic "Theme From 'Shaft'" by Isaac Hayes. The goal was to transform it into a special version featuring her friend, Conrad. Our team at Music Made Pro got to work!

We replaced six mentions of "Shaft" and "John Shaft" with "Conrad" and "Doc." We even tweaked one instance of "mother" to "mister" and eliminated a few words for that perfect touch. Simple changes, but they made Conrad the star of the show! ✨

"Hi Will, thank you so much! I appreciate your help with this!" - Candace W.

We delivered the modified track right on time and Candace couldn't be happier. Now, every time she plays this song, it's a personal tribute that stands out.

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Music is all about personalization, and at Music Made Pro, we're here to make that happen. Sometimes, the smallest changes can turn something familiar into something extraordinary—just like Conrad’s new theme song!