· By Will Harken

Transforming "I Wish It Was Me" by Obongjayar: A Wedding Lyric Swap

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Ann had a special request for her wedding: a lyric swap for a song that holds deep meaning. With help from Music Made Pro, the song "I Wish It Was Me" by Obongjayar was transformed into a personalized piece.

We delivered within a couple days!

Ann provided detailed feedback: "Thanks for sending that. I can unfortunately hear an obvious difference in pitch and tempo that doesn’t match the original voice and song in the changed parts. I can’t use it the way it is for our wedding and would greatly appreciate if it can be revised to the pace and pitch of the original song."

We understood her concerns and sprang into action. A couple of emails and a voice memo exchange later, we were ready for round two. 🎵

Making It Perfect

Following another revision, Ann was pleased but still had a few tweaks: "Just a couple of smaller corrections: I think in a couple of the edited lines, the syllables are drawn out a bit and it sounds a tad like in slow-motion (like everyday in first line and the changes in the 3rd line: everywhere you go, I’m at home...). Perhaps making it a bit more punctuated will help to match the tempo."

Accuracy and customer satisfaction being our top priorities, we made the final adjustments. And the result? A flawless piece that Ann could proudly use on her special day.

People, it's that simple: personalized songs, your way. If you want to create your own lyric swap, start here and watch the magic unfold. Want to hear more examples? Check out our latest lyric swaps here.