7 AI-Assisted Songs You Need To Hear

· By Will Harken

7 AI-Assisted Songs You Need To Hear

AI is transforming music, from generating tunes to aiding artists. It's shaping the future of music.

Let's dive into seven AI-assisted songs that have rocked the music scene.

1. "Godmother" - Holly Herndon and Jlin

Holly Herndon teamed up with Jlin to create "Godmother" using an AI named Spawn. The result? A unique blend of sounds that pushes musical boundaries.


2. "Reflection" - Brian Eno

Brian Eno's album "Reflection" changes with the time of day, showcasing AI's ability to create dynamic music experiences.


3. "Not Mine" - Miquela

Miquela, a digital character, dropped "Not Mine". Her debut single redefines what it means to be an artist.


4. "I AM AI" - Taryn Southern

Taryn Southern created her album "I AM AI" entirely with AI tools. It's a testament to AI's potential in music production.


5. "Illiac Suite For String Quartet"

The "Illiac Suite" is the first composition by an electronic computer, marking the dawn of AI-driven music.


6. "Candy Dance" - Hatsune Miku

Virtual star Hatsune Miku's "Candy Dance" shows how AI can compose and perform vibrant music.


7. "Oblivious" - Yona

Yona, an auxuman, creates music using AI. Her tracks, filled with emotion, highlight AI's potential in capturing human sentiments.


The Future of AI Music

AI isn't taking over. It's simply accelerating creativity, giving artists more tools to experiment with.

It's not about AI vs. humans. It's about working together to create the future of music.

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