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· By Will Harken

6 Insane AI Music Marketing Ideas

AI is shaking up every damn industry out there. And guess what? The music biz isn't exempt. If you're not tapping into AI for your music marketing yet, then holy smokes, are you missing out! Let me break down six of the wildest ways AI can boost your music marketing game.

1. "Deep" Media: Harness the AI Star Power

The Rundown: Imagine having Beyoncé or Elton John associated with your music. Well, with deepfakes and AI vocals, you can kind of make that happen.

There are sure to be more laws passed regarding "deep" media, but for now, it is definitely a grey area.

Just be sure never to claim the actual celebrity is associated with your product or project. And be sure to tread carefully with any applicable laws.

Real Case: A few artists have toyed with deepfakes in their music videos, creating a stir and generating buzz. Remember, while the exposure can be fantastic, you better make sure you're on the right side of the law. Using someone's likeness without permission is murky territory!

Kendrick Lamar Deepfakes

2. AI-Powered Strategy: Tools Like

The Rundown: Unsure what genre to tap into next? Or which platform to release your next track? Enter, the AI suite of tools that’ll point you in the right direction.

Real Case: Offering a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools, caters to a diverse range of content needs, from generating captivating blog posts, SEO-optimized content, and compelling news articles to crafting catchy hashtags, innovative business names, and even whimsical jokes. streamlines the creative process. With its expansive collection of generators, it's never been easier to produce high-quality, relevant, and unique content at the click of a button. By leveraging, music artists can save time, foster innovation, and stay ahead in the fast-paced world of content creation.

3. AI Personalized Emails: ChatGPT Meets

The Rundown: Blasting the same email to all of your fans will soon be a thing of the past. Instead, think of every fan or collaborator as a unique individual. AI’s got your back! It can write emails tailored to each person.

Real Case: It's pretty new, but I'm using AI platforms like ChatGPT with to create hyper-personalized email campaigns. Trust me, your response rates generally be WAY higher.

4. AI-Generated Creatives: High-Quality, Low-Cost

The Rundown: Need a mind-blowing music video? Or killer album art? AI can help, and you'll save a pretty penny too. Not only that, but you can leverage tools like ChatGPT to create long-form blog content or email announcements.

Real Case: Companies like Runway ML are enabling even those with no graphic design experience to produce visually striking content. Some indie bands have used such platforms to create engaging music videos without breaking the bank.

Pro tip: Midjourney is a great option for AI-generated album covers.

Another pro tip: Save time editing videos with Recut.

5. AI-Optimized Ad Campaigns: Meta and Google's Magic

The Rundown: Tired of burning cash on ineffective ad campaigns? AI optimization is the answer.

Real Case: Both Google and Meta (formerly Facebook) offer AI-driven ad campaign tools that optimize for your creative, copy, and target audience, ensuring your music reaches those who'll love it most.

Google Ads

6. AI Chatbots: Always On for Your Fans

The Rundown: Fans visiting your site or social media at 3 am? No worries! AI chatbots are always up for a chat, ensuring your fans always feel connected.

Real Case: Major artists and labels have begun incorporating chatbots on their websites and social media pages, enhancing fan engagement and driving sales.

AI Chatbots

To all the artists and music enthusiasts out there, the future of music marketing is going to involve a lot of AI. So, either ride the wave 🌊 or get washed out. The choice is yours! Rock on! 🤘🎸


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