Branding with melody

· By Will Harken

Branding with Melody: How AI Music is Changing Marketing

AI music is changing how brands connect with their audiences through audio. From vocal cloning to AI-assisted music creation, the landscape is shifting fast.

Let’s explore how AI music is shaking things up and why it might be the key to connecting deeply with your target audience.

The Rise of AI in Music Production

AI tech, especially vocal cloning tools from companies like Voicify and, is changing music production.

These advancements make it cheaper to create music that resonates with consumers, using voices they love.

Other tools cut production time, so music is also now cheaper to produce.

This shift helps us move away from the "stock-music-i-fication" of content, adding a personal touch to branded audio.

Modern music production

Personalized Audio for Branding

So many marketers ask, "Why isn't my content driving sales?”

Usually, it's because the content doesn’t feel like something someone would watch by choice. Your content probably feels more like an ad.

Ad-like content has its place in some channels, but...

You want your promotions to feel as natural and integrated as possible.

Good brand content is about the details, and audio is a big detail often overlooked.

Leverage voices your audience knows and play music they genuinely enjoy.

Big takeaway? Use your customer data to guide the music you create. For instance, when the Auto Repair Association approached us, they knew their audience liked hard rock and Freddie Mercury from Queen.

Our solution? A song blending both, crafted by our personalized song creation service.

Branding with music

Navigating Legal Waters

As you explore AI music, consider the legal implications. Many aspects fall into a gray area, awaiting future litigation.

Illegal actions, like falsely claiming a celebrity endorsement, are clear-cut. But using AI to create lyric-swapped songs for social media might become a norm.

It's like whether you can use a brand's products in media without asking. Generally, they could sue you, but why would they? They get free exposure.

Can you legally use celebrity soundalike AI voices in songs for social media or commercials? Future court cases will decide. For now, no law specifically restricts this.

But avoid implying any celebrity endorsement without permission. When in doubt, don’t use the celebrity's name in promotions.

AI Music in Branding: A Human Touch is Key

AI can enhance music creation, but "AI music" mostly means AI-assisted music.

Purely AI-generated music often lacks the human touch needed for compelling content.

AI is excellent—sometimes eerily so—at parts of music creation, like lyric writing.

But fully automated music tools fall short right now.

It’s like brands thinking they can have ChatGPT completely write their blog content. They’re in for trouble.

ChatGPT is good at echoing information, but not at adding new perspectives. And search engines will surely penalize them.

So, my advice? Make sure a human touches each part of your content (script, audio, etc) to avoid creating junk 🗑️


For brands wanting to dive deeper into personalized music and audio creation, our song creation service here lets you use any voice in your content.

If you’re interested in music production, check out these resources:

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AI music offers brands a way to create personal and engaging audio content. By using the latest AI tech and staying legally safe, brands can make marketing strategies that truly sing to their audiences.


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