How To Make ChatGPT Lyrics That Don’t Suck (Prompt Included)

· By Will Harken

How To Make ChatGPT Lyrics That Don’t Suck (Prompt Included)

As a seasoned musician playing with ChatGPT, you’ll quickly see where it falls short. It’s not about to outshine Billie Eilish, Elvis, or Kurt Cobain. The raw emotion and unpredictability of human experience still slip through the AI's fingers.

But hey, I’m a big fan of efficiency. Here are my tips to make ChatGPT feel a bit more human 🤠

The Starting Point: Beyond Average

ChatGPT often churns out average content—safe and predictable. Most songs from ChatGPT lack the soul of human-written lyrics. They hit clichés like "I woke up this morning," which feels uninspired.

Sure, artists use clichés all the time. But with the ever-growing content flood, you'll want to stand out.

Embracing Human Touch

To elevate AI-generated lyrics, infuse them with human experiences and emotions. ChatGPT needs clear, specific directions to create resonant content.

It’s the unpredictability of human creativity that makes music compelling. AI struggles to replicate this randomness.

Using AI to Your Advantage

Despite the flaws, ChatGPT can be a powerful tool in songwriting.

The trick? Use it as an enhancer, not a creator. Feed it existing lyrics and detailed instructions. ChatGPT can rework songs, keeping the original rhythm and rhyme.

This method fixes common issues like overused rhymes and predictable structures, adding creativity where needed most.

Here’s a prompt you can use:

Please modify the lyrics below to make a new song.
IMPORTANT: Make sure your new lyrics match the original song's rhyme scheme and syllable count.
The final song should incorporate the following themes, emotions, and ideas: [Insert theme/emotions/lyrics here] Here are the original song lyrics: [Insert original song lyrics here]

This method keeps ChatGPT within a structured framework while pushing its creative boundaries.

Is it cheating? Maybe someday it’ll be illegal, but for now, it works. Just ensure it doesn’t plagiarize the original lyrics.

PRO TIP: Like humans, ChatGPT rarely gets it right on the first try. Iterate. Give feedback. Put in some effort.

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Striking the Right Chord

The magic of music lies in its surprise and emotional depth. To capture this with ChatGPT, give it rich human input.

Share memories, feelings, and detailed instructions to guide the AI. Push beyond its “safe” zone, aiming for that element of surprise that hooks listeners.

Music is more than notes and lyrics. It’s a mirror of the human condition. Thinking AI can fully replicate this is still a dream.

The complexity of human emotions presents a challenge that AI hasn’t yet conquered. This gap highlights why human creativity is vital in the arts.

Until AI can process data and environmental inputs like humans, it won’t fully replace us.

Looking Ahead

AI might get closer to understanding human experiences, but we need to value human creativity. AI has potential in the arts, but it needs human guidance to create meaningful work.

We’re just starting to mix AI with creative processes. Its success will depend on blending technology with human creativity.

Using ChatGPT in your songwriting can open new creative paths when guided by a human touch. Use AI as a tool, not a creator, to overcome its limits and boost your musical compositions.

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