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· By Will Harken

How AI is Revolutionizing Music

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the music scene. It's totally changing how music is made, felt, and heard. Let’s dive into the 5 ways AI is shaking up the music world, from the studios of pros to your own headphones.

Sure, AI can automate some aspects of music, but it’s not replacing musicians and producers anytime soon. The human touch? Irreplaceable. Want a deeper look? Read more on "AI Producer Reveals The Problem With AI Music".

Empowering Everyone to Create Music

Music creation is getting easier. That's why around 100,000 new tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day in 2023. AI plays a big part in enabling anyone to produce songs. Ready to dive in? Check out my Top AI Music tools for 2024 here.

Transforming Sampling, Recording, and Creativity

AI is changing how we sample music. No more reliance on human-created sample libraries or legal headaches. I make a lot of my samples with Stable Audio now. Read about it in "Actually Good Text-To-Music Creation is Here: Stable Audio".

Stable Audio is also great for beating writer's block. Generate a few ideas and start humming over them!

Tools like Synplant can instantly recreate almost any sound. Synplant Image

No need for pricey gear anymore. Convert a cellphone recording into usable audio that sounds like a pro singer. Learn more about AI in vocal recording in "AI Cover Songs: Everything You Need To Know".

Creating Personalized & Adaptive Music

When it's easier to make music, personalization gets easier too. Imagine creating a unique song for each listener. Discover how AI can help you make personalized songs for that special someone here: "How To Create Custom Love Songs (A.I. Helpers Included)".

Start a Song >> with us.

The next big thing? Adaptive music. Imagine a song changing based on your heartbeat or real-time feedback. This could revolutionize game soundtracks and live performances.

Making Music Fame Less Likely

Fame in music? It's less about the tunes than you might think. While AI opens new doors, achieving fame takes more than AI-generated tracks. Discover more in "The Hard Truth Music Artists Need To Hear".

Tip: If you’re chasing fame, you need more than just music skills.

Complicating Copyright & True Ownership

Who owns an AI-created song? The coder, the musician, or the AI itself?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg as AI continues to shape the music industry.

BONUS: Capturing the Musical "Brainprint"

Got a tune stuck in your head? Imagine capturing your unique "musical brain" digitally. AI could generate an endless radio station of your thoughts. Cool, right? Music Brain Image

Getting Started?

AI in music is about expanding horizons. It’s an exciting time where tech meets art. Music is becoming more personal and accessible. Start a Song with us and experience AI in music firsthand!


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