Actually Good Text-To-Music Creation is Here: Stable Audio

· By Will Harken

Actually Good Text-To-Music Creation is Here: Stable Audio

Musical creativity just took a big leap. Stable Audio's here to make music production easier for both pros and hobbyists.

Stability AI, the brains behind Stable Diffusion artwork, developed this tool. Yes, same folks!

Let's dive into what makes Stable Audio stand out, its cool tech, and its pricing plans. You'll see how it's changing the game for music creation.

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Prompting the AI

Stable Audio lets you be as specific as you want. You can ask for anything from a Wild West soundtrack to modern techno beats for meditation.

You can even control the instruments and the beats per minute (BPM).

Pro Tip: Focus on specific instruments like "only drums." This gives you more control when you mix the tracks in your DAW.

However, it seems to struggle with genres outside of Electronic music. So, if you’re into Trap or Dance, it’s a goldmine. Indie Rock fans might not find it as helpful.


How It Benefits You


Stable Audio is a win for everyone—YouTubers in need of unique background music or pros hunting for fresh beats. It's a versatile tool you can tweak to fit your needs.


Generate a full instrumental track in seconds. For pros on tight deadlines or hobbyists with big ideas, this speed is a game-changer.


This platform invites you to experiment. By tweaking prompts, you can create a wide range of music, stretching your creative muscles.



Monthly Track Generations

  • Free Plan: Get 20 track generations a month, up to 45 seconds each. Perfect for quick loops or samples.
  • Professional Plan: For $11.99 a month, make 500 tracks up to 90 seconds each.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom options for bigger organizations, tailored to your needs.


The Free Plan is for non-commercial use. Professional and Enterprise Plans offer commercial licenses.

User Guides and Prompts

Stable Audio has an easy-to-follow user guide. Use text prompts to get the AI to create music that fits your genre, mood, or specific instruments.


The Technology Behind Stable Audio

Audio Diffusion AI Models

Stable Audio uses advanced audio diffusion AI models, leading in machine learning for audio. Detailed model info is available in a research blog post for the tech-savvy.

Training Data

The AI learns from music on AudioSparx, a top stock audio site. This gives it a wide and varied dataset.


Pricing and Subscriptions

Stable Audio has clear pricing. Free Plan for beginners. Professional Plan at $11.99/month. Enterprise Plan is custom. They keep updating their offers to stay adaptable.


The Midjourney of Music Is Here

Stable Audio is changing the music industry. With accessible, powerful music generation, it’s a must-try. Its flexible pricing, cutting-edge tech, and user-friendly vibe make it a game-changer.

AI's evolving, and platforms like Stable Audio will be key in the creative process, revolutionizing how we think about making music.

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