How To Get Rich & Famous With AI Music

· By Will Harken

How To Get Rich & Famous With AI Music

If you're hoping AI music will make you rich and famous overnight, let me be straight with you: it’s not that simple. It's not like typing a few prompts into ChatGPT and watching the money flow. You need to be crafty, smart, and maybe a bit lucky 🍀.

What you really need to know:

Understand AI's Role in Music

First off, grasp what AI music truly is. It's not a robot out to replace you. AI in music helps create, tweak, and produce sounds that might take forever to do manually. It’s a tool, like Suno and ChatGPT, to enhance your process, not to replace you. At least for now...

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Carve Your Niche

Success means finding a unique angle. AI music covers genres from electronic to classical. To stand out, find a niche where AI adds a unique voice or solves a problem. It could be crafting soothing soundscapes for meditation apps or dynamic scores for indie games. Don’t just sing over generic "AI-generated" tracks from or post automatic songs from Why? Because EVERYONE CAN DO IT.

I believe the most "successful" people in AI music will be tech-savvy, not just musicians. They’ll build the platforms that creators and listeners use. Which brings me to...

Master the Tech

You don’t need to code but understanding the basics of AI music generators helps. Tweaking settings or inputting the right data can turn bland AI-created STEMS into signature sounds that scream "you." Curious about AI tools that can boost your music production? Check out my article about the Top 8 Ways You Can Get Started.

AI Music With Piano

Build and Engage Your Community

Rich and famous don't happen in isolation. Start building your fanbase YESTERDAY. Use SoundCloud, YouTube, and Instagram to share your music, process, and journey. Engage. Reply to comments. Be genuine. People love feeling connected to the creation process. Avoid tagging your work as "AI" though. The hype might fade. Just make good music, AI or not.

Monetize Wisely

Merch, live shows, and streaming revenue are great, but with AI music, think bigger. Licensing is HUGE. Your AI-generated tracks could fit ads, films, games, or other artists' work. Platforms like Artlist or Musicbed are good starting points. Or better yet, create your own platform! Difficulty Level: 10

Don't Forget Collaboration

The irony of AI music is that human collaboration becomes even more valuable. Working with artists, producers, and even AI developers can spawn new ideas and opportunities you never imagined. Plus, it expands your network and reach. Remember, AI’s part of the band, not the whole show.

Be Patient and Persistent

Overnight success? Rare. Especially in fast-evolving AI music. Expect setbacks and skepticism, both from old-school musicians and sometimes even from AI itself. Keep experimenting, learning, and breaking boundaries. Your "big break" might be just a few iterations away.

The Short & Skinny

Getting rich and famous with AI music? Possible. But it’s not a straightforward path. It’s a blend of creativity, tech know-how, community building, smart monetization, collaboration, and a lot of patience.

Dive deep into AI music, carve out your niche, and stay engaged with your audience and fellow creators. Adaptability and learning are crucial.

With persistence and a bit of luck, you could be the next big thing in AI music. And that's thrilling. Remember the little guys like me when you make it big 💥

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