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· By Will Harken

"MusicLM" is Google's "Midjourney" of AI Music

What if you could type any music idea in your phone and a robot would make it? Now, you can. Let's talk about a really cool piece of tech from our friends at Google that could change the game. MusicLM. 🎵

It's more like having a secret artist in your pocket, ready to write beat ideas whenever you want. 🎼

What MusicLM Does

Imagine that you're lying on your back in a park and looking up at the clouds when you suddenly get an idea. You pull out your phone, put in something like "a calming violin melody backed by a distorted guitar riff," and BAM! MusicLM can take your words and turn them into a creative backing track idea.

But it's not just about getting ideas from clouds. MusicLM is there for all your music ideation needs, whether you're a game developer looking for an epic orchestral background, an ad executive who needs a jingle, or a film director who needs a score. MusicLM is there for you to get a starting point 🎮📺🎬

musiclm interface

How MusicLM Does It

MusicLM is a musical genius who can turn your written words into creative (but lower-audio quality) musical ideas. It works like this: you give it some text (like "a jazzy saxophone solo"), and the AI does its thing. It works on a nerdy modeling strategy called "hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling."

In plain English, this means that it takes your statement and turns it into a series of musical notes, layer by layer. You can have a sax part written without having to learn how to play the sax or hire an expert musician.

How Jukebox.ai is Different from MusicLM

Some of you might be thinking, "Hey, didn't OpenAI do something similar with Jukebox.ai?" Well... kind of. Jukebox.ai is very cool, but MusicLM takes things in another direction.

MusicLM lets you use your own words to describe the kind of music you want. And it is much easier to use because it's just typing.

Jukebox let's you put in parameters like "lyrics," "artist," and "genre." And will create musical ideas based on those parameters. Unlike Jukebox, MusicLM does not include  vocal melodies right now.

Jukebox.ai Parameters

jukebox.ai parameters

Additionally, MusicLM doesn't allow you to request specific artists... only styles or genres of music. If you type in something like "in the style of Billie Eilish" Music LM gives you an error. So if you want to mimic an artist, I recommend trying Jukebox. I also recommend trying Jukebox if you want to upload and "continue" your existing audio.

How MusicLM affects the music business

MusicLM could change the way the music business works. It makes it possible for anyone with a dream and a smartphone to make song ideas. And for pros, it's a good way to come up with unique concepts.

But not everything is perfect - we can't forget that AI is just a tool. It can help us make things, but you won't see it sipping a drink at the Grammys by itself any time soon. 🏆🍹

Where You Can Try Out MusicLM

Do you really want to try this? At Google's AI Test Kitchen, you can try out MusicLM. Just keep in mind that this is a test kitchen, so don't get too excited if your first few tries sound more like a quacking duck than the London Symphony Orchestra.

Why MusicLM Still Needs Help (And We Can Help)

MusicLM is a useful tool, but it's not the ultimate music AI. There are a few things it struggles with. For example, it has trouble with more complicated music requests and sometimes comes up with, well, let's just say "avant-garde" compositions.

Additionally, the audio quality isn't good enough for commercial production. So you basically need to hire a producer to create the tracks in high fidelity.

So, that's where we come into play.

If you want to transform your MusicLM ideas into a finished song, you can hire us as your AI Music Producer.

If you only have a basic concept or lyrics, my AI Custom Song Creator is the way to go. This will give you a full piece of music with vocals that sounds good.

We want to make music creation easy and fun for you. So whichever route you go, that's my goal!

There's no doubt that Google's MusicLM is an exciting addition to the worlds of AI and music. It's new and pretty freakin' interesting. But because it's new, there are still a few things to work out.

So give our producers a try or my AI Custom Song Creator a try.

Because, let's face it, when it comes to making the next big hit, we could all use a little help. 🚀🎶🌟 Who can say? Your next song might be the one that gets everyone to sing along.


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