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· By Will Harken

How We Made An AI Music Generator With Vocals

Have you ever dreamed of a machine that, with the push of a button, generates a song with a sweet vocal over top? You're not alone!

THE SHORT VERSION: I made an AI Song Service that quickly delivers music with ANY Voice! You can check it out by clicking here. It uses generation and human assistance to ensure quality. We have 100% 5-star reviews as of Feb 2024. If you want a fully AI-generated song, that generally isn't good, go to

Now for the Slightly Longer Version…. 

Generating Vocals Is Hard Because Of Songwriting

You see, it's one thing to be able to play scales in C Major, and it's a whole other thing to make an AI match music and words.

To match words to beats and melodies, you need to write songs. You need a “songwriter.”

And right now, publicly available AI tools are not good songwriters.

Imagine having a friend who never stops talking and often says things that make no sense. Now, picture trying to fit this random stream of thought to the beat of "Sweet Child O' Mine."

This is the problem with trying to teach an AI to match words with beats + melodies.

You're not just teaching the AI to make sentences rhyme; you're also teaching it to understand human feelings, understand rhythm/polyrhythm, tell stories, and create an atmosphere.

A good AI needs to fool the brain's millions of years of evolution - which includes instincts for music and vocal recognition.

This is why my song service uses 10% (HI) Human Intelligence. AI is good at the individual parts: lyrics, beats, and melodies. But putting them together still requires human help.

As a final point, the technology for AI music and vocal generation hasn’t been around for that long. So music industry professionals and hobbyists are still scrambling to figure out the best ways to use these new tools.

Popular Music Generators

Let's jump into AI-generated beats. Music experts know that a beat (also called a backing track) is the backbone of every song. And AI is getting pretty good at making beats.

Don't forget that these tools have pros and cons. The key is to try different things and play around until you find one that fits with your own style. Here are some of the rising stars in music track generation! The Best Attempt

Suno presents itself as a comprehensive AI music generator, ideal for those eager to experiment with AI-assisted music creation. It's not chart-topping material yet, but it is impressive when you consider that it's songwriting and producing a song with nothing but a lyric input.

Like most AI music tools, it seems to be stronger at creating electronic music and hip-hop beats.

Would I listen to any of the songs in the gym or in my car? Definitely not. But I could see that changing in the next 5 to 10 years.

Suno's Discord Server

Boomy: The Master of Simple Beats

With Boomy, you can make beats faster than ever with this cool tool. It's a powerful ally on your musical journey, acting as your personal AI song producer.

Boomy has an easy-to-use interface, makes beats quickly, and has a wide range of sounds that you can change.

Cons: Unfortunately, Boomy can only do certain types of music well. Generally lofi and hip-hop tracks turn out okay. Boomy might not be your go-to if you want a heavy metal theme or a bluesy jazz song.

AIVA: Master of Many

The next one is AIVA. It is great at making unique beats, and it can also write whole bits of music.

Pros: AIVA is great if you need to make something fast. It also has a wide range of musical types and is very varied. Want a Baroque piece? AIVA has got you taken care of. Do you like EDM? AIVA can also do that.

Cons: AIVA is very flexible, but it might not be as deep as generators that are made for a certain theme. If you want very specific beats, this might not be the right tool for you. is excellent for swiftly producing instrumental tracks. It's particularly useful for content creators who need royalty-free background music. Think podcasters, filmmakers, etc. Though probably not a good choice for serious musicians, it's perfect for those who need music quickly without much customization. 

For the record, I wouldn't really consider this tool to be "AI" (or machine learning based). It seems more likely they hired producers to create music layers that fit a pattern. And then they wrote code to stitch those layers together in random ways. If you listen to enough of their catalog, you'll start to realize that the songs do sound pretty similar.

Popular Voice Generators

Voice Generators are a big step forward in artificial intelligence music technology, but until recently they sounded more like a GPS giving directions than Adele singing her heart out.

Now they make song creation more interesting than ever before. Let's look at Synthesizer V and Voicify, two of the first programs in this field, and see what their pros and cons are.

While both of these tools are awesome, they are still far away from delivering truly “generated” or “automatic” vocal parts.

Synthesizer V: The Versatile Virtuoso

Starting with Synthesizer V, this powerful program is known for its cutting-edge AI singing voices. It's not just a text-to-speech engine; it's a finely tuned tool for making MIDI vocal tracks that sound real.

Pros: Synthesizer V stands out because of its high-quality singing voices. Plus there's a wide variety of ways to change the tone and pitch of your programmed vocals. This lets you refine the sound of your vocals.

Cons: You still have to program the parts, which is usually slower than just singing it, lol. Because Synthesizer V has a lot of settings, it might take some time to learn. Also, its voicebanks are growing. But they may not cover all the styles and languages that you may want.

Voicify: Make Your Voice Sound Famous

Next is Voicify, which is a strong AI voice creator that is made to fit different situations and needs. Fun fact: you can use it for audio that isn't music as well.

Pros: Voicify shines when you want your vocals to match a famous singer’s tone. Think Freddie Mercury or Taylor Swift. Voicify allows you to change your audio file of someone singing to sound like them, or other famous people. It’s very simple to use.

Cons: You will be limited to their models. So they may not have the “Katy Perry” voice you are looking for. Additionally the audio fidelity is generally not quite be studio quality, as of 2023.

Our AI Music Service Can Make Your Custom Song

So… in my opinion, no public tool has succeeded in being an AI music generator with vocals.

I created my custom song service by combining tech from some of the generators above and adding our own special flair.

If you're stuck for words, we can also come up with lyrics. Just give us an idea, like "robots falling in love" or "unicorns playing poker," and we will do the rest.

Whether your want a song for yourself, a friend, or a business, all you have to do is submit your prompt. So why hold out? Click here and start making songs right away!

BTW, it costs a little bit of money. I know, it's insane. Truly deplorable.

But if you want fully AI-generated "masterpiece" go to


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