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· By Will Harken

The Top 8 AI Music Tools For 2024

The music industry is changing fast thanks to AI. It’s becoming a crucial tool in music studios. AI helps make the process smoother, but it also sparks creativity.

That said, making good music is still a complex craft. Professionals often spend hundreds of hours on a single track, ensuring every beat, melody, and harmony is perfect. It’s not as easy as it looks.

AI can produce quick results, but real artistry comes from iteration and refinement. So, let’s dive in!

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In April 2024, Udio stunned everyone with its audio quality. You’d swear human producers made the tracks, especially the instrumentals. That’s a big deal.

Udio's vocal quality stands out too. The vocals sound almost like a real group of singers. They beat out the competition hands down.

If you want professional-sounding music, Udio is my go-to. But keep in mind, you’ll still need to tweak it.

Suno AI

Suno is a fun tool if you’re keen to experiment. It’s not top-chart material yet but can write and produce songs with just lyrics.

Would I listen to these songs at the gym or in my car? Maybe, depending on the genre.

Suno shines in genres like lofi, country, bluegrass, and folk. The instrumental quality is impressive.

Suno's Discord Server


Voicify is great for tweaking vocal tracks or mimicking famous voices. It offers high-quality vocal transformations that you can download as MP3s.

However, some of the best models were recently removed, likely due to legal pressures. Still, many community models are pretty good.

You can also create your own models, which can be excellent with just a bit of sample data.


Synplant isn’t just any plugin. It's like a playground for sound designers. It uses AI to replicate sounds, saving time on matching audio textures.

If you wanted to match the main synthesizer rhythm in "Fergalicious" before, it took ages. Now, it’s almost instant.


iZotope's Suite Neutron, Nectar, Ozone

iZotope offers Neutron for mixing, Nectar for vocals, and Ozone for mastering. These tools offer AI-powered assistance and are staples for producers who value precision and control.

Even if you’re more of an artist than a producer, your producer likely uses one of these tools.


While ChatGPT is popular for lyrics, LyricStudio is specialized for songwriting. It provides higher-quality suggestions focused on coherence and emotional resonance.

ChatGPT can generate visuals and ideas, but its lyrics often need heavy refining. LyricStudio is more streamlined for songwriters.

Stable Audio

Stable Audio is like the "Midjourney of Music." You describe what you want, and it generates audio snippets up to 90 seconds. It’s great for creating stems, especially percussive ones.

You can also set the BPM (tempo) for your song. I’ve used it for drums, violins, banjos, and more, but not for main instruments that need full control.

Read more about Stable Audio here.

Music Theory Tools Scaler 2

Not a music theory expert? Tools like Scaler 2, Orb Producer, or Captain Chords can help. Scaler 2 detects MIDI and audio and suggests matching chords.

Considering its price and features, I recommend Scaler 2.

What's Next??

Creating music is tough but rewarding. If you want to combine AI’s efficiency with human creativity, I can help. I offer affordable, high-quality music production that goes beyond what AI can achieve alone.

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