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· By Will Harken

PSA: The Rise of Fake Social Media Videos & Content 🚨

As an artificial intelligence (AI) content creator, I feel compelled to make a public service announcement warning everyone about fake videos and audio. More specifically, the fake videos misrepresenting political figures and influential celebrities.

The Rise of Deepfakes and AI Vocal Cloning

We've had the technology for convincing deepfakes for a while now. AI vocal cloning caught up soon after. Creators can now make lifelike video and audio of anyone who's been in the media. This raises big ethical concerns.

Concerned people discussing ethics

The Danger of Misrepresentation

I've seen many social media posts misrepresenting political figures. Recently, I came across a video of Biden saying something he never said. With my eye for deepfakes and a good ear for AI-generated speech, I knew it was fake. The lips didn't even match the words.

Fake video of Biden

"I will be putting our entire country's debt on one hand of Blackjack."

Shockingly, only a few commenters doubted its authenticity. 😱

Point is: many people will believe fake videos. Assuming these commenters weren't bots - that's a whole other problem lol.

Wars could be lost because of well-placed fake political propaganda. Criminals might get away when they argue the incriminating video is "fake." It's kind of a big deal.

The Need for Skepticism

Fake videos are not new, but their quality and volume are increasing. From here on, you MUST treat every piece of content you consume online with SKEPTICISM. You can still spot fakes – look for poor quality, glitches, or facial mismatches. But don't rely on these for long. A good creative team and budget can make a very realistic fake video RIGHT NOW.

On the bright side, maybe deepfakes will make people realize they shouldn't just blindly trust celebrity endorsements anyway? πŸ€”

Laws and Protection Against Misrepresentation

The good news is there are laws to protect against misrepresentation. President Biden could probably sue the creators of the misrepresenting video. However, many cases may not go to court. People will still be taken advantage of for someone else's gain.

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Music Made Pro's Ethical Stance

Most people would agree it's UNETHICAL to use AI to create and misrepresent content without consent. At Music Made Pro, we change song lyrics while sounding like the original singer. We do this for personal purposes and never claim the original artist said the new lyrics.

My goal is to use AI ETHICALLY. While some may disagree with repurposing songs for personal use, there are currently no laws against it. I'm ready to comply when those rules come in.


I love AI and its potential for creativity and humanity. But we must be cautious and ethical. There will always be scammers; their methods will just change. Stay vigilant, question what you see, and keep creating ethically. πŸ’ͺ For more AI in music, check out these related posts:

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