Suno vs Udio

· By Will Harken

The 2 Best AI Music Generators (Which One Wins?)

Hey there! With all the buzz around AI music generators, I decided to look into the two big names: and What's good? What's not? Let's dive in.

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Short Answer

I’d suggest dabbling with both and tools simultaneously. Give them similar prompts and choose the best results. You can get some neat tunes from both.

🎵 The "one-click hit" isn't quite here yet. These tools are good, but they still need refining—new vocals, mixing, and rearranging sections.

For songs I've completed, I've replaced most of the vocals. This is something I'm proficient at due to my lyric swap business, which is my main gig lately.

In a nutshell, I’d pick Udio if I were making a commercially viable song. The quality’s better, and the vocals are more authentic, though Udio demands more time to finish a song compared to Suno.

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Watch Out for Idiots on the Internet 🤯

Be cautious; there's a lot of misinformation on AI music forums.

Many people who’ve never touched an instrument are now claiming expertise.

Not saying I'm the ultimate judge, but with 15 years in music, I've got some insights.

I've seen posts claiming "Suno is superior in every way," and those folks are, well, high AF.

Judging Criteria

Since Udio is in free Beta, we can ignore the cost for now.

I’ve tested various genres: trance, dark synth, country, synth-pop, orchestral, and comfy synth. Here's how I judge these tools:

Songwriting and Composition

Can it organize chords and melodies like a human? Is it pleasing to the ear?

Audio Quality

Does it sound like it belongs on the radio or in a commercial? This can vary by genre.

Lyric Writing Ability

Does it churn out relatable and captivating lyrics?

Vocal Quality

Do the vocals sound authentic? Are they good enough for a final product?

Songwriting (Winner: Tie)

It really depends on the genre. Suno is slightly better at most genres due to better tagging.

While Udio might have higher audio quality, Suno accurately generates what you need.

Suno’s advantage is internal consistency—generating up to two minutes at a time helps create consistent choruses.

That said, Suno sometimes tries too hard and feels like AI. Udio, in my experience, guesses better at what humans would do.

In short, it’s a tie. Use both tools simultaneously.

Production Fidelity & Quality (Winner: Udio)

Suno delivers good audio quality, depending on the genre. It excels in live-sounding genres like country, rock, and bluegrass.

It struggles with electronic genres, often producing aggressive white noise.

And no, not even Izotope's Repair Suite can fully cleanse that noise. Browse audio plugins here.

Udio impresses me with its audio quality.

For many tracks, the instrumentals could easily pass for human-made.

AI Music Production Charts

Lyric Quality (Winner: Suno)

I usually wouldn’t use the lyrics from either tool as they come.

Large language models struggle with good lyrics, stringing together metaphorical thoughts that are fresh and new is tough for them.

Tools like ChatGPT aren't great at this, and Suno and Udio use similar tech.

Suno’s lyrics are closer to the mark, though. You can write in your concept, generate lyrics, and tweak them.

With Udio, you give specific lyrics or hit "Auto Generate," often leading to clunky results.

For now, Suno wins for lyrics.

Vocal Quality (Winner: Udio)

Udio wins because the overall audio quality is better.

Suno’s vocals often have noticeable mistakes and artifacting. It’s evident they’re AI-generated.

Udio, though not perfect, provides more convincing vocal audio across all genres.

I haven’t been very impressed with most Suno vocals.

Udio takes the cake for vocal usability.

Overall (Suno for Casuals, Udio for Pros)

Both tools are impressively creative.

For casual concepting and personal fun, Suno’s your go-to.

For professional-sounding music, Udio is the best bet.

Top AI Music Generators

Both tools are a mixed bag with the outcomes hinging on the seed value (machine learning talk) used. Sometimes, you’ll get mediocre results.

But that’s a familiar struggle if you write alone or hire songwriters—you’ll go through many iterations.

Yet, both tools have bottled artistic magic. They’re better at producing volume and framework for good songs.

Crafting great songs is hard. Producing well-mixed ideas is tough.

And now, thanks to AI, everyone has that power.

It’s mind-boggling how a computer can make art that evokes emotion.

A comfy synth piece I made gave me chills. It’s both scary and magical.

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If you aim to create something truly unique, learning production from scratch is the way; it takes a TON of time though.


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