I Made a Fantasy Soundtrack in One Day (And You Can Too)

· By Will Harken

I Made a Fantasy Soundtrack in One Day (And You Can Too)

With all the new AI tools out there, it's no secret that music is becoming simpler to create. So simple that I put Udio's abilities to the test and got a soundtrack together in about one day. It's just 16 minutes of audio, but achieving this quality would have taken HUNDREDS of human hours just 20 years ago.

Is it AS ORIGINAL as using 100 creative human hours? Probably not. But for most, it's a decent tradeoff.

I began with both Suno and Udio, but Udio impressed me more. 🎧 So, I ended up doing the whole thing with Udio.

The "Creative" Process

Sure, I could have finished the soundtrack faster if I wasn't so picky. But I wanted to capture each region's spirit from Might and Magic IX (nerdy AF I know). And I had specific musical ideas for how this story should flow.

The trick to using AI is adding your unique spin. If you're using AI to churn out generic pop hits, you're missing the point.

Use AI to showcase your unique perspective and pour a bit of your soul into the art you create.

My AI copywriting editor Rickrolled me, so I left it in. Nothing more creative than that.

Breaking Down the Workflow

My workflow divided into separate songs. I'd think about the emotions and keywords I associate with the game's regions.

8 regions in the game. 8 total songs.

I also considered which instruments to highlight in each song.

Getting The Starting Point

Simple enough—I'd plug these keywords into Udio as prompts. Udio would generate 2 variations, each 30 seconds long.

Screenshot of Udio AI music tool

Getting the starting point right is key. Some songs needed only four versions, others up to 16.

As I received outputs, I'd refine my prompts, often deleting keywords until the result matched my vision.

Example Prompt: Orchestral, cinematic, simple, basilisk, imp, magic, exploration

Extending To Completion

Once satisfied with a 30-second segment, you extend it forward or backward.

I exclusively used the instrumental-only option, except for one happy accident that added choir vocals.

👉 Making instrumental music is easier than crafting a convincing AI song with vocals.

Manual mode often works better as Udio's prompter rewriter can sometimes go off track. But, it will likely improve over time.

I repeated this process for each region's song.

Engineer wearing headphones

Editing in Ableton

I was surprised at how smoothly all the songs flowed together after editing.

After finalizing the songs, I imported them into Ableton to work on transitions. I ordered the songs based on the game's progression.

Fades are your friend. Cross-fading is common, but sometimes a sharp cut for transitions works too.

👉 PRO TIP: Use a limiter or maximizer on your master track to ensure nothing clips.

Ableton interface with Might and Magic IX soundtrack

Editing is crucial for AI music's future. AI is a tool, and we need methods to edit AI creations. Udio is adding features like inpainting and remixing.

But until then, we need DAWs like Ableton to refine and finalize the outputs to our liking.

Artistic Concessions

Being an artist is all about the tradeoffs you're willing to make.

Are you okay with using paint someone else made? Are you comfortable using sound samples instead of creating your own?

Some artists refuse AI. That's fine. They might want to keep their process purely manual.

Just like a sketch artist sticks to their pencil.

Keep in mind, you rely on chance. Sometimes, you need to roll the dice a few times to get a good starting point. And that's key: Nailing the starting point of each song.

Creating Your Own Soundtrack, The Easy Way

Good luck with your soundtracks! Dive into my other content for more on these AI tools.

The person directing the AI makes a huge impact on the final result.

If you want me to create a personalized song or audio for you, visit this page.

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Final Result & Conclusion

Creating a fantasy soundtrack in a day with AI is totally doable, and the results can be pretty good. Remember, use AI to express your unique perspective. Edit and refine the output to make it truly yours. Happy soundtracking!


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