Song Makers with Lyrics: Your Guide to AI-Powered Music

· By Will Harken

Song Makers with Lyrics: Your Guide to AI-Powered Music

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Searching for the perfect song maker with lyrics? You're in the right place. I'll guide you through the top tools that put lyrics at the heart of their functionality. But first, let's tackle a crucial step: getting those lyrics down. 🎵

Generating Lyrics: Where to Start

While Udio and Suno are awesome for music creation, their built-in lyric generation is... well, not great. As someone who values quality, I'd urge caution with AI-generated lyrics.

Sure, you could use ChatGPT or similar tools to whip up some words. That might work for a goofy anniversary song, but for anything more serious? You'll want to edit heavily.

For FAST lyric creation, try ChatGPT or Claude. You could also Google "make song lyrics" and pick from the top results. Just know that many of these are just ChatGPT in disguise.

Want a more refined approach? Check out LyricStudio. It uses AI to suggest lines and help with rhyme schemes. It's slower than ChatGPT, but often yields better results.

Curious about crafting killer lyrics with AI? Don't miss my guide on how to write lyrics with ChatGPT that don't suck. It's a game-changer. 🚀

AI Song Makers: Udio and Suno

Got your lyrics ready? Let's dive into the AI-powered song makers. Open up both Suno and Udio simultaneously. You will want to see which one works better for you :)

Here's how to use them:

  1. Describe your desired song in the prompt area. Include vibes, instruments, and genre info. Avoid mentioning specific artists or copyrighted songs – that's a no-go.
  2. Paste a section of your lyrics into the lyrics box. For Udio you'll need to work in roughly 30-second chunks, so estimate what that means for your song structure (maybe a chorus or verse).
  3. Start generating from the beginning of your song. It's easier to build forward than backward. Your first task? Find a solid starting point with either tool.

Workflow: From Lyrics to Song

Generate a few options with both Udio and Suno. Pick the one you vibe with most. Then, extend the song to match your full set of lyrics.

This isn't a 100% automated process – it takes some elbow grease to get that final, polished result. But holy crap is it faster than ACTUALLY MAKING A SONG FROM SCRATCH.

Need a hand turning your lyrics into a KILLER track? My team can help. We'll transform your words into a pro-quality song, all at a fraction of what production used to cost. 💰

What's the Best Song Maker with Lyrics?

While Suno and Udio are the heavy hitters, I lean towards Udio more often. Why? Their vocals sound significantly better to my ears. The trade-off? You need a stronger grasp of song structure and pacing with Udio.

If you've got fully fleshed-out lyrics, that'll make your job easier. But if you're looking for more hand-holding in the songwriting process, Suno might be your better bet.

Song Quality: How Close to Professional?

These AI tools aren't quite at Billboard 100 producer level... yet. But damn, Udio sometimes gets scary close, especially with its vocals. 🎤

Want to push your AI-generated tracks even further? Consider using iZotope's AI-powered mixing and mastering plugins. They can help bridge that final gap between "pretty good" and "holy crap, that sounds professional."

Remember, the key to great AI-generated music is experimentation and refinement. Don't be afraid to iterate and tweak until you get something that truly sings. And if you need that extra polish, my personalized music creation service is always here to help.

Now go forth and create stuff!