AI Vocal Mixing

· By Will Harken

The AI Vocal Mixing Technique No One's Talking About

Today, I'm diving into an AI vocal mixing technique that could revolutionize vocal processing. Surprisingly, this method seems overlooked by many.

This technique is like dark magic—experimental and not for everyone 🧙‍♂️. 

The Experimental Path

When you think of AI vocal mixing, Nectar or Neutron probably come to mind.

These tools, fantastic as they are, work well if you have a singer, good gear, and an ideal space. Discover the iZotope Plugins here.

But today, I'm exploring a more experimental method. 

This method uses AI to emulate vocal styles and replicate parts of the mixing process. Imagine having AI vocal presets ready for consistent performance and mix across multiple tracks.

You sing your scratch vocals, convert them, and boom—90% of the way to a professional vocal.


AI vocal processing

How It's Done + Future Possibilities

The secret sauce of many AI vocal models lies in isolating an artist's voice and creating a model that can be applied to any input voice..

Converting an input vocal with an AI model can smooth over performance issues, but it can sometimes introduce them too. 

It's the wild side of AI, but it's also where magic can happen.

Such advancements suggest a future where you might not need expensive equipment, specialized singers, or mixing engineers to create good vocals.

BUT we will still need that human touch to create original sounds - because what else will AI be trained on?

The concept of using AI to transform your rough vocals into studio-quality performances is becoming more real. As AI improves, this strategy will likely gain traction, making high-quality vocal mixing accessible to all. 🕰️ = 💲

Getting Started

Embarking on this journey is simpler than it seems. Platforms like Jammable (formerly Voicify) or make the entry easy.

Start by creating an account and funding it. Then, build your vocal models.

The key? Provide over 10 minutes of singing, captured exactly how you want your final vocals to sound (WITHOUT reverb or delay—this confuses the AI).

Once trained, you can upload any rough vocal recording and watch it transform into polished audio.

Then, use that polished audio in your track and add extra processing like reverb and delay for the final touch.

This method is currently the easiest way to dive into AI vocal mixing. But it's just the tip of the iceberg 🥶

As tech evolves, so will our tools and techniques, promising a more customizable vocal mixing future.

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A Word on Group Vocals and Mixing Alternatives

Group vocals challenge this AI mixing strategy, often best suited for demos or fun projects. For now...

However, training AI with group vocals is possible. It works best when the group sings in unison.

Feed the AI your mixed final group vocal. Once it converts rough vocals, it can sound close to a fully mixed chorus vocal.

The trick is "re-widening" the vocal using effects to add life back into the mono sum provided by current AI models.

Read this article for deets on the 2 ways to do AI Group vocals.

AI Samples For Reducing Mix Work?

Though this article focuses on vocals, here's a clever workaround for mixing instruments:

Start with samples that sound good from the start! This skips the need for 10 plugins. Platforms like Splice + Loopcloud or AI tools like Stable or Suno can lay the foundation of your track.

A Free Million Dollar Idea

For the developers among us, here's a golden opportunity: imagine a VST plugin that integrates AI vocal training and generation directly within a DAW. This would streamline the process, allowing artists to record and transform vocals easily, marking a significant leap forward in music production technology.

AI music production

Do-It-Yourself or Done-For-You?

If the prospects of AI in vocal mixing excite you, watch out for my series, "AI Vocals Engineering." This series delves deeper into training your models and navigating AI vocals without hefty fees.

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Whether it's simplifying your mixing process or experimenting with new sounds, AI vocal mixing is ripe for exploration.

If you want top-notch music without all the effort, check out my custom music service. Change lyrics to popular songs or create original music effortlessly.


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