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· By Will Harken

Write Me a Rap Song! How to Make AI Rap Music

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Good news! We've done it. Now ALMOST anyone can make a rap song without any musical skill. 🎉 Sure, having good taste and production chops can boost your AI-generated tracks. But the bottom line? If you can type words, you're in the game.

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The Reality of the Music Industry

Here's the cold hard truth for newbies: just because your track slaps harder than dollar margarita night at Applebee's doesn't mean anyone will notice. 🍹 Organic reach for songs has been plummeting, and AI's only gonna make it worse.

More people making music = more songs flooding the market. Your chances of standing out? Slim to none. But hey, you're in it for the art, right? 😉

The Importance of Genre Knowledge

This might be obvious, but...

Before you start spitting AI-generated bars, immerse yourself in rap. It's not just about following rules, it's about feeling the rhythm, understanding structure, and knowing when to break conventions.

It's not about copying - it's about developing musical taste :)

Want to level up your lyric game? Try LyricStudio for AI-assisted lyric writing. It might give you that extra edge. Or use ChatGPT.

AI Tools: Udio vs Suno

When it comes to AI rap generation, Udio's got the edge over Suno. Here's why:

1. Udio gets human songwriting. It doesn't go overboard with melodies like Suno often does.

2. Production quality? Udio's generally better.

But remember, neither tool will give you that CRYSTAL-CLEAR studio sound. You might need to reproduce your track for top-notch quality.

I also recommend trying out both of them with each track you make - just in case one of them nails it better.

Curious about other AI music genres? Check out my Ultimate Guide to Making Electronic Music with AI.

Voice Matching and Customization

Want a specific voice on your track? Udio and Suno might get you close, but for that perfect match, you might need extra tools. Try Jammable (formerly Voicify) for voice conversion.

Pro tip: When uploading your own tracks (that include vocals) as a starting point, both Udio and Suno will try to match that voice throughout the song. It's not perfect, but it's a start

Quality Considerations

Don't expect perfection on your first try. AI's cool, but it's still learning. You'll probably need multiple attempts to get something that slaps. And that's generally true for each section you create.

Focus on QUALITY over quantity. Better to have two minutes of fire than ten minutes of mediocrity. Remember, these tools are getting better every day, thanks to user input from peeps like you and me.

Need help polishing your track? Try automatic mastering with Landr. They're offering 20% off for our readers.

Using a celebrity's voice? Tread carefully. Even if you're not misrepresenting them, you could land in hot water if your track blows up. For most of us making tunes for fun or family, it's not a big deal. But if you're aiming for the charts, watch your back.

For more insights on AI and the music industry, check out this article where an AI producer reveals the problems with AI music.


Dealing with Content Moderation

Rap is usually about authentic expression.

And sometimes - to be authentic - you need to say a lot of words people don't like.

Hit a wall with content moderation? Here's a workaround:

1. Strip out the lead vocal using a tool like Ultimate Vocal Remover.

2. Train an AI model on Jammable to match the original vocal.

3. Sing or rap your own lyrics, then convert them to match the song.

Boom. Content moderation hacked. 🎤

Prompting Tips

Struggling with prompts? Check out this AI tool that helps create prompts based on songs you love. Use elements from those reverse prompts in your own to get similar results.

For more on AI songwriting, don't miss my article on what you need to know about AI songwriters.

Remember, AI's just a tool. Your creativity's the real magic. Now go make some noise! 🎵

P.S. Don't forget to check out my personalized music and audio creation service. It might be just what you need to take your AI-generated tracks to the next level.